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~ by VJGoh on July 9, 2012.

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  1. I think that two people can form a culture (hence inside jokes), but I don’t think there is a mathematical boundary for the splintering and subsequent end of a culture. Cultures can obviously exist within cultures. So there is Western culture which is united by a few general notions (although some people detest the idea of ‘Western’ culture and think it is an imperialist term). Canada exists under this umbrella and most certainly has a culture, and there are many meta-cultures within Canada (e.g. Christian culture in Canada). Since this is the case, a huge “general” culture can continue to exist while still hosting smaller ones. So “Christian” culture exists even when smaller denominations exist within it, and even when Christian culture can exist within another culture. Even if a denomination succeeds in splintering off into something totally unrelated to Christianity, this isn’t necessarily due to excessive population but all sorts of other variables that influence cultures. And physical distance is not really an issue, especially at this time due to e-connectivity.
    I think the key is not to look at culture like objects that burst or split when they get too large, but weird amorphous fluid blobs that can exist within each other and move around and grow and shrink (and sometimes disappear) — they retain their general “shape” but they are continually changing. Definitely not a stable, static entity.
    But I think most importantly, it is so difficult to get a real grasp on what culture is, and so defining any boundaries is damn near impossible considering how intangible it is. Anthropologists have debated endlessly and continue to debate on what culture is exactly – I have a gigantic textbook filled with just arguments about it. So basically: “culture” cannot be reduced to general principles (in my opinion) because that simplifies something that is far too dynamic.

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