Where the time goes


~ by VJGoh on August 14, 2012.

2 Responses to “Where the time goes”

  1. I feel ya on the time thing. I have several drafts of blog posts, but can’t quite get to the point of posting them. Yet, I’ll check and recheck social sites to see what others are up to. Except trying to read these scans on my phone is really tough…!

    So I’m curious about the alarm setting for 5am and then an hour (!) of laying in bed reading social sites. Was there a different intention in setting the clock so early??

    p.s. pocasts. Love it. I think writing with a pen and not being able to cut and paste or spell-check requires a linear thought process, and many of us are losing that!

    • Yeah, so the deal with 5am was to beat the summer heat. For now, the heat has abated, so I’m willing to ride in evening, which feels better for me physically. But if it’s 35C out in the afternoon, it’s crazy for me to try and ride at any other time than first thing in the morning.

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