Motivate me

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~ by VJGoh on January 15, 2013.

2 Responses to “Motivate me”

  1. When you find out, let me know? I have the exact same problem. I can waste days, weeks, months with doing nothing of any worth.
    Mine comes in the form of too many interests too, at least you know you really like cycling!

  2. Dear Brother,
    I would not worry too much. I don’t think it is that you are unmotivated, but that you are motivated by many things! Society these days really privileges specialization in all sorts of ways, and broad interests are seen as sad “master of none” pursuits. You can see it clearly in scholarship – very few are worthy of being called “scholars” anymore (i.e. those who are in pursuit of learning about many many things, rather than learning about just one particular thing) – which has resulted in a lot of unnecessary gaps of knowledge, in my opinion. There is nothing wrong with not having an all-consuming love of one particular interest and instead spreading your love across all sorts of cool things.
    You’re not unmotivated just because cycling doesn’t take up almost 100% of your life – you just happen to have found a lot of things you really enjoy, which is the bomb! As long as your enjoyment doesn’t fade into complacency – playing iPhone games because you’re bored, rather than playing them because you really enjoy them – then I think all is well.
    I also find it really funny that you think you are unmotivated, because I have always seen you as someone who dedicates his time much more purposefully than most people I know.
    If you find that you keep making excuses, maybe you just need to start making much smaller, personal goals and also have a way to remain accountable – like some sort of log or someone who will reprimand you? You can do it! And more importantly, you have already done a whole hell of a lot – change/improvement has already occurred

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